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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the number I purchase belong to me?
Yes. It belongs to you the same way your current number belongs to you. You can take it with you to any phone providers you like whenever you want.

Are these numbers currently under contract?

Is this service legal?
Yes, completely 100% legal.

Is the price an one time fee or monthly?
Price is an one time fee for our service to help you search, activate and transfer your new phone numbers to any carriers of your choice.

What is the process of purchasing a number and when will I get the information?
When you find a number that  you like, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.  Once payment is completed, we will send you all the information associated with the number you selected, including account number, PIN, address, current provider of the number within 1-2 business days  so that you can transfer the number to your phone provider.

How do I get the phone numbers that I purchase?
We will send the porting information like we talked above via email for you to give to your providers to transfer the numbers to your account.  Or we will mail the physical SIM cards with the numbers you purchased to your confirmed address.  Please do not advertise your new phone numbers until the numbers are completely transferred to your account.


What is number porting?
It is the  process used by phone providers when you transfer your phone numbers from one provider to another.

Is there a time limit on porting out a number I purchase?
Yes, once you order numbers from us, you will need to port the numbers  to your selected service providers within 2 weeks.   We cannot guarantee  successful ports after this time period.

How soon can I use this new phone number?
You should receive the information associated with your number within 1-2 business days (sometimes even the same day).
Porting these numbers to cell phone carriers usually occurs within 3-5 days.
Porting these numbers to landline, VoIP or Hosted PBX systems can take up to a few weeks.

Can I port a purchased number few months later with your service?
Yes, we do offer the ability to port your purchased number later with our service providers.
To do this, you just have to pay a small fee.  For just $9, you will be able to port your purchased number out 60 days later.  If you pay another $9,  your phone number will be parked for an additional 60 days.  This is a great option if you want to buy a phone number for someone else as a gift but are not going to give it to them for a while.

Can I port the number to my cell phone?
Yes, all of our phone numbers can be ported to any cell phone carriers.

Can I port the number to Google Voice?
Yes.  Click here to verify the number you are interested in is eligible to port to Google Voice

Can I port the number to VoIP, or MagicJack?
Most VoIP companies  can port any numbers  to their companies.   You may port the numbers to MagicJack Plus service but you may pay a one time fee.  Please check with the providers you want to port in for more details.

Will my current phone company charge me an additional fee to port the number?
Typically the phone company will not charge you to port the new numbers as they are very happy to have you as a customer.  To be sure, check with your current phone company.

What happens to my old number?
When you port a new number to any existing service, your old number is dropped from your account and will be placed in a queue for other new account holders.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are unable to port the number to your carrier within 30 days, we will refund you the full amount.

What is your return policy?
Sorry, we cannot accept returns due to the nature of this product unless the carrier will not port numbers as described above.


We do not store your credit card or other payments information.   And we do not share your information with anyone else.